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Trover Hailed As One Of The Best Promos At SXSW 2012 In Entrepreneur Magazine

When we were turned on to Trover just days before South By Southwest we knew they had something special. Trover didn’t get any of the Mashable mentions prior to or during SXSW yet they were still all over the place.

Discovery was the hotest app category at SXSW this year. Last year group apps were very popular but in 2009 and 2010 discovery was hot as well with FourSquare and the now defunct (because they were bought by AOL), GoWalla.

While people discovery apps like Highlight, Glancee and Sonar got most of the pre sxsw buzz this year, Trover was making it’s own headway. Trover is a place discovery app, connecting you with actual things you can go find out for yourself, like discovery hidden treasure troves. Trover connects you with the coolest places, coolest food, prettiest art work, etc. They do it in a very appealing UI with very little hiccups.

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Trover had a huge on site presence without officially being on-site. The first thing that people noticed in regards to Trover were their gigantic orange balloons that were being carried around downtown Austin in the SXSW district by people in equally as bright shirts.

Trover also held Tequilla infused walking tours that started at 1/4 past every hour. The Trover crew led the walks, and of course had the balloons in tow. Every night Trover hosted a graffiti party on the lot of the world famous East Side Drive In. The East Side Drive In is an open lot where bands play, movies get shown and it’s complimented by a food court made up of some great, international food trucks.

At these Trover graffiti parties Trover enlisted the help of Austin’s best graffiti artists. Each featured artist took a night to paint something for Trover. The public was invited to do their own graffiti, help the artist or graffiti a Trover logo on a t-shirt of their own.  As an added bonus our friend Sam and his crew from Hotel Tonight were right next door serving up free cocktails if you got there early enough.

While the parties were crowded they were also just off-site enough that your head could unwind from long days at South By Southwest.

The rain broke up the parties the first two nights but beginning Sunday Trover was back on track for an awesome time.

In regards to the balloons Entrepreneur magazine recognized Trover as “simple but effective”.

Now the challenge is to keep using Trover to discover the world around you when you’re not at SXSW. I’m looking forward to some time in Dallas, out west, Washington DC and New York to keep on Trovering.

download it from the Google Play Store here


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