The Other Big Thing That Launched At SXSW 09

Mobile World Congress is over and we’ve got our sites set on the biggest block party in the country, South By Southwest in Austin Texas. We’ll of course cover the entire interactive experience. We’re expecting big things from our friends at Meshin, Glancee, Slacker Radio and many more. Make sure you are here and listening to TDGN on Slacker Radio for complete coverage.

Three years ago at SXSW 2009 was when I pulled the trigger and got the Twitter username “Thedroidguy”. I had been tweeting on a personal account and another business account about Android. Although I wasn’t a developer I was plugged into a lot of things going on in the Android world. While Twitter was still building scale people used to tweet, ask him he’s Thedroidguy, so at SXSW 2009 I started up thedroidguy.

But wait there’s more (after the break)

That makes March, and SXSW the anniversary of thedroidguy on Twitter which is the backbone to this site. It just so happens that last year around this time we hit 50,000 Twitter followers after two years. As I write this post it looks like we will have our 100,000th follower by the start of SXSW.  Welcome and thank you for following.

Today I realized that it took two years to get to 50k and we saw 100% growth in just one year. It was a very big year for thedroidguy. We covered over 40 different events and spent over 200 nights on the road. In 2011 we drove across the country three times with Wilson Electronics. We also covered ComicCon for the first time which was an experience in itself.

We’ve been across the country and around the globe multiple times over the last three years and I really wanted to thank all of you for reading thedroidguy and following us on Twitter.

Google+ was exciting for us but it was also a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s exciting to see Google’s social network evolve but at the same time we were worried about our Twitter base. Six months after Google+ launch I have to reiterate again that we doubled our growth in a year, the same year G+ debuted.

For me personally Facebook is for my family and friends that I actually know. A lot of my radio and record friends are on my Facebook and that’s personal. We do have a TDG Facebook here.  Google+ is for my professional friends and colleagues and Twitter is still where we reach the masses.

The other big milestone in 2011 was the creation of TDGN on Slacker Radio. Some don’t understand it. We’re not talking about a “create your own station” that everyone can do.  TDGN is actually hosted on slacker radio and is heard on Slacker and AOL radio with real DJs, tech news, tech reviews, event live broadcasts, and contests.

TDGN is very exciting for us because it blends my 20 years in radio around the country with my love of technology, android and being thedroidguy.

We had some contest issues this year and revised our contest policies. Now we only do contests where the sponsor provides the prize directly, except in the case where we are giving away something in person. Speaking of which, we have a damn big announcement very very soon.

We have some exciting things going on at our sister site so watch for that.

You can bet that our 100k follower is going to get a prize but we’re not going to announce that so that it’s both a surprise and fair.

I wanted to thank our key sponsors, some of whom have been with us since the beginning like Wilson Electronics, Millennial Media, and Gelaskins. One of our coolest sponsors came on in 2011. That is of course Power Bag. Earlier this year Power Bag (Homedics and Sharper Image) founder Ron Ferber said there is a lo of Power in Twitter, and a lot of power in 100,000 followers, that’s why our office today is surrounded with a PALLET of Power bags.

Since our anniversary is technically at South By Southwest we’ve teamed up with Power Bag for the most powerful promotion we’ve ever done. If you’re headed to South By Southwest you could very easily go home with a brand new Powerbag. We’ll have those details for you this week.

Watch the Twitter feed too we have some great instant win prizes and more as we turn three years old and get to 100k followers.

Thank you everybody!


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