Tag Play Brings Award Winning Funpark Friends Title To Android

Ever since Maxis released the first Sim City title in the late 80’s the simulation category has been thriving. When Zynga introduced a social aspect of simulation games, the category skyrocketed. Now there is a simulation game for every category. The success of the game depends on gameplay, graphics and now social interaction.

All three components are major parts of TagPlay’s Funpark Friends title. Funpark Friends has been very successful on the iOS platform since it was released this past October. As you may imagine the theme behind Funpark friends is creating your own amusement park.

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 Tagplay has awesome graphics and animations that keep the amusement park believable. It’s not outlandish like Zynga’s most recent Android title Dream Zoo.  Once you build your amusement park you have to maintain it and then your real friends can come and ride your rides and enjoy your Funpark.

Paul Farley, MD of Tagplay commented: “We are delighted to bring the award winning Funpark Friends to the growing Android gaming community. The game’s mix of strategy, building and social game-play has already proven to be very popular on iOS and we expect its success to continue on Android. Funpark is the first of our titles to use our moFlow technology platform to enable friends to play games together regardless of their mobile operating platform. Tag now looks forward to a future roadmap of simultaneous social mobile game releases enabled with exciting cross platform play!”

Tagplay, a division of Scotish firm Dundee, was able to bring Funpark Friends to Android quicker with help from an investment and guidance from TapJoy’s $5 million dollar TapJoy Android fund.

If you’re ready to start building your fun park today download it here from the Android Market