T-Mobile Sued Over NFC

A New Jersey company called On Track Innovations (OTI) has sued the nation’s fourth largest carrier over NFC. On Track Innovations is a contact-less payment company based in Iselin New Jersey. The company has partnered with credit card brands Visa and Mastercard to develop contact-less payment systems.

On Track Innovations holds over 100 patents pertaining to Near Field Communications (NFC), secure ID, petroleum and parking solutions, according to their website.

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The patent suit filed in the United States District Court for the Southern Disctrict of New York pertains to patent number 6,045,043. The suit alleges that T-Mobile sells NFC enabled phones that infringe on that patent, although it doesn’t say which phones they are specifically.

“We believe in the strength and value of our intellectual property and have the resources to protect it,” said Oded Bashan, OTI Chairman and CEO. “We are also happy to provide innovative technology and partner with others in the industry to facilitate the growing future of contactless payments, data capture, loyalty programs, and more.”

“This lawsuit is another step in OTI’s ongoing strategy to leverage its IP assets, following the recently announced technology license agreement with a multibillion dollar corporation, and the issuance in January this year of OTI’s U.S. Patent No. 8,090,407, entitled “Contactless Smart SIM,” Bashan explained.

Source: OTI via PhoneScoop

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  1. Umm, ok. So why didn’t they sue Sprint, AT&T and Verizon? Galaxy SII phones all have it, and the Galaxy S 4G has it and the Galaxy Nexus has it. And I hate to break it to them, but more phones are coming out with it. Now here’s another issue. Why sue the carrier, when they should be suing the manufacturer? This doesn’t make sense.

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