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T-Mobile Adding Any Mobile Any Time Starting April 4

T-Mobile will join the ranks of Sprint, and at one time AT&T, by offering any mobile anytime starting on April 4th.  They aren’t asking an arm and a leg either for this new feature. Unlimited mobile to mobile doesn’t require any change to your contract, just $10/month.

Tmonews obtained the screen shot above and as we know Tmonews has rock solid Tmobile sources.

T-Mobile has become reinvigorated after the failed AT&T merger over Thanksgiving 2011. T-Mobile USA’s CEO Philip Humm spoke to a group of T-Mobile’s closes friends and the press at a reception at CES where he announced that T-Mobile would offer new plans, new devices, and new features hoping to recoup some of the customers and reputation points they lost while they were in limbo with AT&T.

AT&T once offered unlimited mobile to mobile as well. Sprint pioneered the plan which has worked out nicely for them. As more and  more people adopt mobile phones as their primary phone these unlimited mobile to mobile plans save more and more money.

source: Tmonews

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