SXSW12: Meshin Asks Recall Much? At South By Southwest Win a “New iPad”

We’ve written quite a bit about Meshin the past few months. Meshin is an exciting app/project/development company out of Xerox’s  Palo Alto Research Center in Palo Alto California. Meshin is headed up by Chris Holmes and Kristen Galliani.

We had a chance to sit down with the Meshin team (a few times) at South By Southwest to find out what Meshin is all about. Meshin has two apps available in the Android Market, the original Meshin beta and Meshin recall. Both apps focus on symantics and bringing context to your mobile life, where it counts, in communicating and in your calendar.

Meshin is pushing Meshin Recall heavily. Recall is an app that is added on top of your Evernote account. It’s such a simple concept that makes a whole lot of sense and focuses on making people more productive. Recall allows you to add your Evernote notes to your calendar entries. Say you have a meeting on your calendar, the notes you take on Evernote are directly linked to the calendar entry for eternity. There is also talk of making recall even more intuitive with a very natural progression in the near future.

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As both Holmes and Galliani explained, and I’ve experienced first hand, if you’re a heavy Evernote taker, say at a convention like SXSW or CES, you end up back at the office with hundreds of notes. Sure you can tag notes fairly easily, but most people either don’t or they create so many tags that the purpose of tagging is defeated.

One of the reasons I had stopped using Evernote is because I would come away from press events, meetings and conferences with quotes, facts and other important information filling up my Evernote entries but I couldn’t recall who said what or what they were talking about when they gave that juicy quote.

Now with Recall the “recall” is built in, for eternity.

Sure Meshin isn’t a discovery app but it’s a very important app and very productive. So much so Meshin wants you to try it out and if you do you could win a “New iPad”. For details on that giveaway visit the Meshin Recall website at