SXSW: Travel Site MyGola Releases MyGola Locals, Talk To Real People, What A Concept!

If you haven’t heard of the travel website then you’re missing a great bit of information. If you’re a frequent traveller you may want to check out the site which puts a different spin on travel.

What separates Mygola from other travel sites is that the site does more than just hook you up through api’s to other travel related sites. Mygola employs several travel advisors who are either from an area that users are looking to travel to or they’ve visited the area a lot. As founder (and former Googler) Anshuman Bapna told thedroidguy at south by southwest, visitors to the site get information from people who live in a location like best restaurants, and local tips and tips form advisors who have visited the area for things like the best hotels to stay at.

Bapna also sources niche sites like Room77 which tells users when they are staying at certain hotels which rooms are the best by view, noise, amenities etc.

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Mygola turned the traditional travel site upside down by allowing users to get really great and relevant information. Now he has turned the travel app site upside down by introducing a revolutionary old, but innovative concept, talking to real people on the phone.

Mygola locals uses a call routing technology to connect Mygola users with the Android app, to “local” advisors in a certain area via phone.

Bapna set up “Mygola Locals” for Austin, Texas for SXSW. So people who are visiting Austin this week can download the app and see a bunch of people who have opted in to be “locals” or “guides” to mygola locals users.

When you use the app you’ll see roughly 25 different “locals” these are real people who live in Austin TX and have agreed to supply visitors with much needed information. Want a recommendation on a good pizza place, try Mygola Locals. Want to know the best food trucks and their locations, try Mygola Locals. Need to know the best place to catch a pedicab and the going rate, again go ahead and call a Mygola local.

The back end of the app allows the “locals” to set the days and times they don’t mind taking a phone call from a stranger this way you’re not drunk dialing a Mygola Local at 4am that doesn’t want to be bothered.

The app will call, in succession, the Mygola Locals until one is reached on the phone for you to talk to directly. I used it today to find a great place to eat between the Austin Music Center and Speakeasy. I was able to rate the local and they in turn could rate me back.

MyGola Locals is free and available now in the Google Play Store. Try it out while you’re visiting Austin and then pay it forward by volunteering to by a MyGola Local in your city.

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