SXSW: Rock The Vote T-Shirt Makes It Even Easier To Register To Vote

While this story doesn’t center around an Android app or any app for that matter it’s incredibly cool. ┬áThreads for thought has teamed with Junk Food, Promo Jam, and Rock The Vote to produce a really cool t-shirt to promote registering to vote, but wait there’s more.

This unique t-shirt has a qr code embedded in the design. That QR code, when scanned with a mobile phone, allows you to register to vote from your mobile device. Essentially if you’re walking through the mall, park, or even South By Southwest, you can scan someone’s “Scan To Vote” t-shirt and register to vote. Really this couldn’t get much easier. No app to download, just scan and register.

The QR code will take you to a customized mobile experience designed by Promo Jam. From there you can watch videos about voting and the Rock The Vote campaign, take social actions like “Likeing” the Rock the vote page, and fill out the voter registration card.

Excluding Colorado, you still must sign the form and mail it in. The Scan To Vote T-shirt will take you to a page where you complete 90% of the information. Once completed the website will forward you a pdf of your completed form that you can print out and mail in. It’s that easy.