SXSW: Mashable Being Sold For $200 Million To CNN?

Last night’s Mashable party at South By Southwest was as usual, off the chain, libations were flowing, people were dancing it was the place to be seen. We heard that Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Ryan Gosling may or may not have been there. We didn’t see Long nor Gosling and we thought we’d recognize DeVito but Mashable’s SXSW parties are usually high caliber celeb events and last night was no different.

What we didn’t realize as press last night was that we may be celebrating the last of the Mashable throw downs at SXSW. There are hot and heavy rumors that Time Warner via their CNN outlet is in high level talks to purchase Mashable for $200 million dollars.

The deal makes sense at Mashable would provide a nice balance/mix for the newscentric CNN. CNN does have a great presence too in the CNN cafe which hosts parties, rock shows and more throughout the entire SXSW festival. It’s just not as raw as the Mashable parties.

We’ll keep our eyes on this one.

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