SXSW: Interview With Trover Founder & CEO Jason Karas

Trover is a unique and easy way to share the world around you with everyone on Twitter and Facebook. This cool app lets you post “discoveries” and share them through pictures and using your geo-location.

When other users want to see what’s hot around them they need just go to Trover. The Trover app shows you what people have been uploading to the service based on the approximate distance to you. You’ll see the actual closest discoveries first. As you move down the screen you’re seeing discoveries farther and farther away.

Recommendations have been popular in the app-space for quite sometime. The unique factor about Trover is you’re sharing things via pictures first rather than words. Anyone can write reviews but with Trover you see pictures of awesome looking food, local art, local places and local people.

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Trover is like taking the sharing portion of and giving the shares much needed context. Once your discovery is posted other Trover users can thank you for the discovery and if they wish they can comment on it. This gives it almost a Facebook feel.

Take a look at our interview with Trover’s CEO and founder Jason Karas. We talked to him at their community graffiti party. That was a unique party as well. People came together to watch some of Austin’s most popular graffiti artists. Attendees were also invited to participate in their own painting by way of painting a shirt or on a community wall at the party.

Trover is by far one of my favorite apps to come out of SXSW. Download Trover here, from the Google Play Store.