SXSW: Interview With Clik (and Kik) CEO & Founder Ted Livingston


The smart and connected tv box market has really grown in the last year. It’s become a very crowded space and after the flop of the original Google TV launch many people backed off the technology. It seemed that the connected TV or Smart TV may have been just a tad before it’s time. So that’s why we were surprised that Angel Investor, and Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson had praised something new in the smart tv space, called Clik.

Click is a mobile app and web app combination that allows your Android or other smartphone to control the content of any connected screen. Clik will work with a tv connected to the internet, a tv connected to a set top box and to the internet, a computer screen or any screen that is connected to the internet.

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When you turn on the screen and go to a QR code populates in the middle of the screen. From there you scan the code with the Clik app and voila, your phone is controlling the content on the screen.

Clik currently works with a handful of apps like games, music and even video apps. As Livingston explained they set up Clik originally with YouTube. Clik let’s you pick some YouTube content and then it shows up on your connected screen. All of this happens in the cloud so there’s very little data used on your smarpthone’s side.

Livingston explained that as they finish out Clik literally hundreds of developers are waiting in the wings ready to incorporate the Clik SDK into their apps. Developers are ready to turn out games that will allow multiple players to login to the same tv or screen connected to Clikthis, and play shared games.

Other developers are working on apps that focus on music. At the Clik tent at SXSW they were showing off an 8tracks app that allows you to select music videos on your phone and then control them on a gigantic screen.

We’re pretty certain that developers will also find a way for a smartphone user to stream their phones content like photos and personal videos to the screen as well.

This is another case where something really cool and innovative breaks into the market to change a category game. Sure there are remote control apps out there for IR and WiFi connected phones and TVs but nothing quite like Clik.

As you’ll learn in the interview, Livingston, who also started Kik Messenger, believes that the story isn’t just in the mobile app and web app but in the entire developer ecosystem that will come out of this as well.

Clik was working great, controlling various apps on TV screens at SXSW, we’re expecting an official release anytime now.