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SXSW 2012: We Check Out Angry Birds Space Before Launch VIDEO

We’re bringing you coverage of South By Southwest in Austin Texas. On Friday we got a chance to check out the newest version of Angry Birds, “Angry Birds Space”. Samsung was showing off the game in their blogger lounge as they are the launch partners for it, via the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note.

Rovio Mobile was out in full force, including Rovio’s Marketing Director, The Mighty Eagle, Peter Vestabacka. We got a hands on demonstration with Rovio Mobile’s Consumer Engagement Manager, Saara Bergstrom who made the trek from Finland to one soaking wet Austin Texas.

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The first thing we noticed about Angry Birds Space is that it feels like a whole new game, the same way that Angry Birds Rio felt detached, and in my opinion a little better than the original.

Bergstrom told us the story of how Angry Birds Space came about. Apparently the folks at Rovio Mobile had gotten into a conversation with some Nasa employees over the original Angry Birds game. The result was that even though NASA doesn’t have anything to do with Russia’s space program, some Russian astronauts took Angry Birds up to space with them.

After that first launch of Angry Birds in space, the astronauts from Russia, along with some of their counterparts at NASA advised Rovio Mobile on some of the physics relating to gravity and weightlessness that go into this entirely new version of the game.

As you can see from the video you can control your Angry Birds in all new different ways. You also have a little more thinking to do when you deal with weightlessness and gravity free levels, which makes it more exciting and harder to play.

This version of Angry Birds is refreshing and will have even the most seasoned of Angry Birds players feeling challenged.

Angry Birds will be available for Android, iOS, PC and Mac on March 22nd.

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