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SXSW 12: Rawporter To Bring Citizen Reporting, And Simple Video Freelance Platform To Android

Despite all the hubub of Highlights, Glancee and Instagram, there are some other great apps breaking out here at South by Southwest. One of those apps is rawporter.

rawporter combines the world of citizen, social and somewhat crowd-sourced news with a freelance model that allows publishers and other media outlets to source video from everyday people with iPhones, and very soon Android devices. Now we know that every Android blog in the universe has said that (and Temple Run) is coming to Android soon, however rawporter’s co-founder Kevin Davis told Thedroidguy that we are looking at Tuesday for a solid workable Android version (we’ll give you til Friday).

rawporter is a simple concept. If you’re going to be somewhere that something newsworthy is going to happen like South By Southwest, CES, Comiccon, New York city, etc, you can check the rawporter website and respond to assignments created by blogs, news sites and other media. Or you can upload content for whatever you’re doing that’s cool.

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Publishers, writers, blogs, tech sites, and even traditional TV stations can purchase your video or you can respond to a specific assignment posted by a media outlet and earn some extra income. Payment is fast and made via paypal. rawporter takes a very very small fee out for hosting the service but the editorial contact is all handled directly.

This cool new app gives ordinary people the ability to be involved in the creation of news. It also gives publishers the ability to have exclusive video of an event or newsworthy item that they may not have access to or have a reporter at. In cases of really big conferences like SXSW or CES, it could give a publisher the advantage of having more cameras without excessive staff, travel arrangements and headaches.

rawporter is all over sxsw this week and there are rawporter videographers everywhere filming things like the HP/Nvidia  session, downtown Austin, parties and more. rawporter is currently available in beta for the iPhone and as Davis told us earlier today, it’s going to be available this week for Android, maybe as soon as Tuesday.



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