SXSW 12: And Is Still “Coming” To Android

We are here at South By Southwest Interactive in Austin Texas this week. On Sunday we got to hear co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom talk some impressive numbers about the iOS photo taking and sharing app.

Systrom reported that currently has 27 million users now. That’s nearly double the 15 million users that they¬† reported just three months ago in December. has been a bit of a phenomen since it was introduced on the iOS App Store. That very first day they had 25,000 installs and knew they were on to something.

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In addition to bragging about the scale they’ve built Systrom pulled out a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and actually showed off sneak peaks of the new for Android. He also hinted to the fact that the Android app would be better, and faster than the iOS version when it launches.

Systrom didn’t however, give any indication as to when the app would actually be available in the Google Play store. Since arriving in Austin we’ve checked the Google Play store at least 100 times to see if Systrom has thrown the Android community a bone and we didn’t even know it. has a photo taking component with a bunch of great vintage, lofi and other filters. Once you take the photo you can upload and share it via Facebook or Twitter. The photo is also shared across’s internal network which Systrom touts as being as intuitive and easy as Facebook.

When Systrom spoke back at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York this past summer, Systrom said his team was working on an Android app but they had a very small staff and didn’t have the resources to push an Android app out right away. Systrom later had said that there were only two engineers working on the Android version.

Sunday at SXSW was the first time he had actually shown off running on an Android device in front of a large group.

We couldn’t tell you when to look but keep watching Thedroidguy and as soon as it’s available for Android we will let you know.