Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus Makes It’s Way Through The FCC

At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year Sprint said that they would begin rolling out a 4G/LTE network this year. The first device on that network is going to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Sprint was a partner for the Galaxy Nexus’ predecessor the Samsung Nexus S 4G. With the Nexus S 4G Sprint and Google introduced the NFC enabled Google Wallet. Something that Verizon Wireless customers weren’t officially able to get.

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Sprint made a big hubub about their commitment to Android last year at the CTIA mobile life show in Orlando Florida. They introduced the iPhone 4S to their network at the end of 2011, and complimented it by continuing unlimited data. Despite having the iPhone 4S Sprint hasn’t seemed to shy away from Android.

Today the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus, crossed the desks of the FCC approval center in Columbia Maryland. We’ve seen a phone from FCC inspection take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to actually get released, however that does jive with Sprint’s announcement that we would see the first few 4G/LTE markets this Spring.

source: MobileBurn