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Sprint Galaxy Nexus On April 15th With LTE Toggle?

We just saw the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus clear the FCC. That’s often a good sign. In that story we brought up the fact that we typically see a phone released within 4-8 weeks of clearing the FCC’s Columbia Maryland approval center. Certainly the 15th of April fits into that time frame.

We’ve learned from website S4GRU, via our friends at Phandroid, that an inside source at Sprint has confirmed the April 15th launch date. However, S4GRU doubts it’s source and says so in this post. Originally S4Gru had said that Sprint doesn’t usually launch phones on Sunday and they may have gotten that confused with Verizon. Sprint has released phones on Sundays in the past, in fact they don’t seem to have a day of choice, just when the phone is ready.

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While it doesn’t directly relate, we saw the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus get reduced to it’s lowest price since release this past week.¬† Amazon may know the release date and perhaps they are clearing out some space on their “shelves” for the Sprint version.

In addition to a tip from a Sprint insider S4gru also suggests that the fact that several current Sprint promotions end around the same time, is another indicator we could be looking at an April 15th release.

Sprint had said they plan on launching the first part of their 4G/LTE network in the Spring of 2012. This would be right on track.

source: s4gru via phandroid

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