Sony Restructures Mobile Unit With PC Group, Bert Nordberg Seems To Be Everywhere But Sony

Sony has announced a new initiative called “One Sony”. Not to be confused with HTC’s One line of smartphones, Sony’s “One Sony” strategy is about having the same consumer facing message across all of their core technologies and hopefully grabbing consumers across each line. In other words they want to push customers to use a Sony Android phone, Sony Playstation system, Sony Vita and Sony PC.  It’s a lofty goal but Sony’s new CEO Kazuo Hirai seems to think it will work.

Hirai is credited across the globe as the man who put the original Playstation and the Playstation II in the hands of so many consumers. Hirai has merged the Sony Mobile Communications unit with the Vaio PC unit. Hirai is hoping that as described above you’ll have a Sony phone, tablet and laptop. They plan on connecting platforms across all devices for seamless experiences that improve productivity.

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A Sony Electronics person Kunimasa Suzuki, has been appointed “Officer in Charge of User Experience” which encompasses all of the “One Sony” strategy.  But unwiredview’s Vlad Bobleanta has a great point. Where is former Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg in all this. It was reported that after the transaction finished to bring Sony’s mobile division back under the Sony umbrella Nordberg would still be on top. There have been no reports that he’s left the company however, Suzuki is taking what presumably was Nordberg’s job.

Nordberg is sitting as the Chairman of Danish wind turbine maker Vestas. Also, Stockholm Sweden based NOTE AB is voting on Nordberg getting a board position on their board as well. However nothing has been said about Nordberg’s position at Sony Mobile Communications.

We’ll wait and see if this shake up at Sony will finally put their smartphone division on the right track. Sony is of course known for creating the mobile music market via the cassette playing Sony Walkman. They also led innovation in the portable cd player space with the discman. Sony had some success when Palm OS PDA’s were popular in the late 90’s with their stylish Clie devices.

Sony smartphones have done well in other parts of the world, however they never caught on quite as well in the United States. Even the Sony Xperia Play (Which we saw blown up in a microwave today) didn’t do as well as some thought it would. After great fanfare it lugged out of the gate after a delayed launch on Verizon Wireless that pitted it up with 2 4G/LTE devices on the same launch day last summer.

source: unwiredview