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Seesmic For Android Updated With Support & More

Last April we sat in Seesmic’s offices and used the version of Seesmic that was supposed to come out for tablets. Two weeks later we saw another sneak peek of that version which was never released. Almost a year later we are seeing a new version of Seesmic with the most significant upgrades since last year.

First off Seesmic has added thumb nail photo support for photos posted to Twitter as well as photos posted to the immensely popular Instagram. Instagram just put up a sign up page to learn more about Instagram for Android, on their website, over the weekend.

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Two weeks ago at SXSW we sat in a session with Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom that not only announced that the Android version was coming soon, he also said it would be more feature rich than the current iPhone version. On just iPhone alone, Instagram already has 27 million users.¬† Seesmic adding Instagram support is a significant indicator that the Android launch is imminent.

Seesmic has also moved to an add supported freemium model. For the first time since Seesmic was introduced users of the free version will now see ads in their Seesmic app. However, Seesmic has also added a premium version for $2.99 that gets rid of the ads and restores your familiar Seesmic experience.

Here are some other features in this version of Seesmic:

  • Viewing from Instagram and Twitter within your timeline
  • Ability to upload images directly to Twitter
  • Removed support for Chatter
  • Implemented ad-support
  • Various bugs fixes and minor improvements

Here’s a link to the newest version of Seesmic in the Google Play Store

Source: Androinica

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