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Samsung To Post 40 to 44 Million Smartphone Sales In Q1? Korean Site Says Yes

Korean website ET News has said they think Samsung sold between 40 and 44 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2012. The high numbers are a mix of Samsung Galaxy S II’s, Samsung Galaxy Notes and lower level Samsung Galaxy Android devices.

ET News also speculates that with the Galaxy S III slated for a Q2 release Samsung could jump to 50 million smartphone sales in the second quarter. Quite impressive numbers, even for Samsung.

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Unwiredview’s editor Staska says hold on a minute and put on the breaks. While he says that Samsung selling between 40 to 44 million smartphones is “on the edge of possibility” it’s just that, on the edge.  Staska makes some very good points. One of the key points is that because of some issues with the calendar going from 2011 to 2012  there was an extra week in Q4 of 2011 and one less week in Q1 of 2012. It’s also historically known that Q1 is the worst quarter for consumer electronics coming off the holidays in Q4 of the previous year.

What puts these numbers on the edge of being true is the fact that Samsung has the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note is doing very well, having reported over 2 million in sales at the beginning of March. Staska also brings up the fact that the Chinese have a big gift giving season during the Chinese new year that falls in February. Android is doing very well in China while Apple and China work out some issues to finally get the iPhone on the Chinese main carriers.

Samsung stopped announcing smartphone sales a little over a year ago after a huge mixup in attributing numbers of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab’s sales vs shipped so it’s very hard to tell. The South Korean electronics giant does issue a press release every now and then with sales information, such as the fact that the Galaxy Note cleared 2 million in March.

Quarterly reports for Q1 2012 are starting to come in now and we expect to hear from Samsung soon. They probably won’t announce the gross number of smartphones shipped or sold however they should announce a profit estimate which analysts will use to wring out how many phones were sold.

source: unwired

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