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Samsung Set To Unveil Angry Birds Space With Rovio Mobile At SXSW

We know that everyone was hoping for the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III or perhaps some other new mystery Samsung device, well Samsung has big news tomorrow at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin Texas and we’ll be there (with Powerbags) to bring it to you live.

Samsung has announced today that they are set to unveil Angry Birds Space with Rovio Mobile and what better device to introduce Angry Birds Space than the Samsung Galaxy Note. Of course “space” will be optimized for the bigger 5.3″ screen but also it’s a “Galaxy” note, space- Galaxy, get it?

Samsung has a slew of other great things going on at SXSW as well. Samsung is sponsoring a huge party on Friday night, and for the fifth year in a row they are the key sponsor for the blogger lounge at the Austin convention center.

Not only that but they are having key influencers use the Galaxy Note in producing content, art and online media from South By Southwest and Thedroidguy is one of them. We will be using the Samsung Galaxy Note to show off some of the locations and map you to them in our Powerbag giveaway.

It’s going to be a fun 10 days here in Austin Texas and we’re excited for this Samsung announcement.

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