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Samsung Pushing ICS Update To Global Devices, US Customers Will Have To Wait…Again

Samsung Galaxy S II

Back when Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus were announced, Google promised us that phones would be receiving updates much faster because of a “new and improved” deal with carriers and OEM’s. We didn’t believe them. They then preceded to tell us they had gotten agreements from all of the major partners including Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, and HTC to push these updates to as many devices as possible, even devices that are a year old. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Well, today Samsung announced that they would be pushing ICS to the Galaxy S II, meaning on Sammy’s part, ICS is now skinned and relatively free of any major bugs that would cripple devices, readying the software to be pushed out. That’s on Samsung’s end, though. The biggest issue in the US has never been OEM’s, it’s our beloved carriers. Owners of the original, global GSII will be receiving ICS on March 10 via Kies 2.o (which is a mess in itself, especially on Mac), but US users will be skimped out on. Again. And now we all know that Samsung is not to blame. It’s the carriers again. So, Android users in the rest of the world, enjoy your fresh Ice Cream Sandwich on your GSII.

Dear US buyers,

If you want a software update, buy a new device from us. Note that this will also rope you in to another 2-year contract in which you will give us thousands of dollars to use our voice and data.


The Carriers

Source: Samsung

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