Samsung GT-i9300 Shows Off For Camera Is This The Galaxy S III

On Thursday, phonearena poured more fuel onto the fire of the Samsung Galaxy S III rumor mill. They were sent photos of a fun that clearly identifies as the GT-i9300. The problem is they can’t put their fingers on what exactly a GT-i9300 is.

Phonearena postulates that this could very well be the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S II carried the model number GT-i9100 while the Galaxy Nexus was GT-i9250. That certainly suggests that the Galaxy S III could be GT-i9300.

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The buttonless front seems to jive with the Galaxy S III. Also, even though it’s just photos, the screen seems bigger which would support the fact that the Galaxy S III will have a screen size somewhere in between 4.5″ and the 5.3″ that is the Galaxy Note.¬† Adding to the size of the screen is the fact that it’s definitely a buttonless Ice Cream Sandwich phone.

The truth of the matter is we can’t be sure what this device is. It could very well be the Samsung Galaxy S III however it could easily just be another Galaxy variant.¬† It’s running a touch-wiz infused version of Ice Cream Sandwich, which means even if it’s not the Galaxy S III it is a brand new phone.

source: Phonearenta (There are more photos at the source)