Samsung Galaxy S III To Have Quad Core Exonys Processor

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Galaxy S III, has taken over the rumor train that was the Galaxy Nexus’ before launch. There have been rumors, photo leaks, fake photo leaks, fake spec leaks and more. All we know for sure is that sometime this spring Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III. We do know that the phone exists, Samsung has at least confirmed that.

Monday though, the Korea Times reported that Samsung is becoming less dependent on Qualcomm for SoC’s (system on chip), and that as a result Samsung will be using the Exonys quad-core processor in the Galaxy S III.

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On top of that, Samsung plans to revamp how the chip is made. The processor will be built using a 32nm process rather than the current 45nm process. That will give the chip better performance and much needed better battery life.

The Samsung executive said that they want to use more Samsung solutions for Samsung products. That doesn’t mean the chips are free though. Samsung semi-conductor and Samsung Telecommunications function as two different units and Samsung Telecommunications must purchase the Exonys Chips from Samsung semi-conductor, the same way Apple does.

There is still no word on the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III however we are betting on a CTIA Mobile life launch in May.

source: Korea Times via Unwired