Samsung Galaxy Note Hits 5 Million In 5 Months

Tuesday night we brought you a story about some estimated numbers in Samsung’s smartphone sales. According to a Korean website, they expect that Samsung will report that they have sold 40 to 44 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2012.

To fuel that estimate, SamsungTomorrow reported yesterday that Samsung has sold 5 million of their 5.3″ Galaxy Note devices since they were released 5 months ago. The Samsung Galaxy Note fuses the tablet with the smartphone in a new device category as announced by Samsung Mobile President JK Shin back at IFA in September.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has only been available in the US since February on AT&T so we’re not quite sure how many US units contribute to that number, however it is a substantial amount of devices taking two key factors into consideration. The first being the fact that it’s an entirely new category out of device for Samsung. Also considering the fact that the Dell Streak, which came in around the same size, didn’t sell a fraction of that five million.

source: Samsung Tomorrow via Engadget