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Samsung Files For More Galaxy Trademarks

Samsung is continuing to build on their “Galaxy” brand. What started out with the Samsung Galaxy S in the summer of 2012 has now become over 20 different versions of Android handsets called Galaxy. Samsung releases other Android phones outside of the Galaxy branding as well.

Talk Android, by way of Pocketnow, is reporting that Samsung has filed a trademark for the following names; Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Stellar, Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express, and Galaxy Accelerate. Samsung also recently filed for the names; Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Rite and Galaxy Heir.

Pocketnow suggests that these may be individual carrier names for the upcoming Galaxy S III Android devices. This could be the case but in the past we haven’t seen those kinds of trademarks until closer to launch.

Phandroid’s Raveesh Bhalla suggests that Samsung may have a hard time with the name Halo because of the X-Box game series, of course that’s actually not true at all since it’s a different type of trademark and the Samsung filing calls for the word “Galaxy” in front.

source: Pocketnow , Talk Android, Phandroid

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