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Samsung Expanding Android Controlled Appliances

Last month we brought you a story about Samsung’s new ceramic oven that is controlled by an Android app. It seems that Samsung is expanding their line of appliances that interact with Android apps. Samsung has already said that some of these appliance apps will be available on iOS however Android is the main platform.

The appliances controlled via Android app will be connected via wifi through your home network and ultimately the entire internet. This could come in handy with the Smart Refrigerator app. That particular app tells you the temperature in the freezer and the refrigerator and allows you to change them remotely. More importantly though it tells you the shelf life of your food which would come in handy when you’re at the grocery store.

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The next one of Samsung’s Smart Appliance apps is the Smart Washing Machine. This app will let you know how much time is left during the current cycle and until the load is done. It will also alert you when you have a problem, like an off balance load. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone down to the laundry room after a load of laundry was supposed to be done, just to find out that it was off balance in the beginning of the cycle.

Samsung also has what appears to be a thermostat app that will control the temperature in your home. Rounding out the Samsung Smart Appliance apps is a cleaning robot that controls one of those robot vacum cleaner devices.

Right now it appears that these smart appliance apps are only headed to Samsung’s home country, South Korea, but in the coming year I’m sure we’ll see this technology on the western shores.

source: Unwiredreview

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