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Samsung And Phones4U Team Up For SWAS, Not A New Device Launch

When Samsung announced that they weren’t revealing the next flagship Galaxy S device, the Galaxy S III, at Mobile World Congress, and then announced they would reveal it later this Spring, it seems every time Samsung sneezes the Galaxy S III was coming out.

We purposely ignored a story about Phones4U having a Samsung launch event that ran at the tail end of last week. In one of Samsung’s multiple official statements on the matter they had indicated the Galaxy S III would launch here in the US. Simple fact is Phones4U is not in the U.S. so therefore it wasn’t the Galaxy S III. (just as France isn’t in the US and was a rumored launch event as well).

Also, regardless of launch partner, Samsung has never co-branded a launch event of a multiple carrier phone with one carrier and especially one retailer. Samsung has never released a phone to just one retailer, and definitely not one as high profile as the Galaxy Nexus.

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Over the past three years of watching Android phones ramp up I can’t tell if some sites are just stupid, looking for pageviews, or still can’t put two and two together.  I remember a story two years ago where Samsung Consumer Electronics (a total separate division) was holding a press event in New York. This was not a mobile event. The invite was from Samsung CE and from Samsung CE’s PR Firm. There were digital cameras, tvs and blue ray players in the invite. Of course the bloggers went mad suggesting it was the original Galaxy Tab. Nope.

So what was this grand news that Phones4U had to announce, well it seems that Samsung and Phones4U is teaming up for a SWAS or Store within a store, an area totally focused on Samsung products. That’s great for you if you live near that particular Phones4U location, but  a far cry from the release of the Galaxy S III.

Thanks Pocket-Lint for clearing that up for everyone!

photo: Pocketlint

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