Russian Woman Kills Galaxy Nexus In The Kitchen

I’m not sure what it is with people and Android phones these days. Yesterday we brought you a story of those crazy guys at the Microwave Show who burned up a working, and brand new Sony Xperia Play in the microwave. Today we’re bringing you a story we heard about over at androidandme, about a Russian woman¬† who takes out her aggressions on her significant other by preparing a meal with her Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The story goes that a Russian woman who goes by the name of “strenger” on Live Journal went over to a friends house to cook dinner when things all of the sudden went drastically wrong. She had some kind of fight with her significant other. Possibly the fight was over the phone. What ensued was the woman decided to go ahead and use her Galaxy Nexus while cooking the dinner.

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According to Dustin Early’s use of Google Translate the Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich phone was fried, used as a cutting board, drenched in raw eggs, covered in ketchup, put in a pot of boiling water and then used as a sponge to wash the dishes.

It was reported that after all that the phone still worked. That’s hard to believe especially because we are looking at a photo set and not a video.

The entire photo set is at the source link.

Source: Androidandme