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[REVIEW] Tritton Detonator Surround Sound Headphones For Xbox 360

As I said earlier this year around the time of CES, we love gaming here at TheDroidGuy. That calls for setting the phones down and taking a break from Angry Birds or Cut The Rope to get to some real console and PC gaming. Of course, with console and PC gaming there are a lot of areas that people look to get a good experience from, and one of those is sound quality. Among graphics and user experience, gamers want the sound of what they are playing to really bring the game to life, and there are a few ways you can go about doing this. Sure you can spend thousands of dollars investing in a fantastic home theatre sound system, but you can also invest just around a hundred bucks in a great pair of surround sound headphones. This is where Tritton headphones come into play.

Tritton is a company that makes surround sound headphones for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC gaming. I should start off by saying that this review will focus in on the some of the product lineup for Xbox 360, but PS3 and PC owners should still stick around because it should still be pretty applicable to the headphones you would be purchasing from Tritton as well.

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The first pair of headphones I will be talking about today are the Detonators. The Detonators are wired 50mm surround sound headphones, and man, are these headphones incredible. When you take them out of the box you will immediately notice the sexy black design that comes with the Detonators. The Detonators are all black headphones with a gloss finish on the exterior of the cups partnered by the Tritton logo, and the top is crafted with a soft, leather material with “XBOX 360” stitched in to remind users this has been licensed by Microsoft for use with the 360. The ear cups are also made with a leather material, companied by a nice orange accent in the interior of the cups themselves. I can say with confidence that these are the best looking pair of surround sound headphones I’ve come across yet. However, it doesn’t stop there, because these headphones really get their chance to shine when you put them on and jump into a game.

One thing I’ve noticed about Tritton headphones that I really like is the fact that I don’t feel like I’m riding in a helicopter when I put them on. The sleekness that you see when looking at them while they aren’t being used continues right into usage, and after a while you can’t even tell you’re wearing headphones. The overall performance of these headphones is fantastic as well. The highs are crisp and sharp, the mids hit just as they should delivering the core sound, and the bass booms at just the right amount to make you feel like you’re really in a game. If I’m playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and my buddy calls in an airstrike, I’m the first to know because I can literally hear the planes begin to fly towards the arena and drop bombs the entire way. The same goes when I am sneaking through a narrow corridor, and I can hear my enemy’s footsteps and they try to creep up behind me and use the element of surprise. If I’m playing Mass Effect 3 I feel like the characters are really speaking to me, and when I’m walking through a crowded city it feels like there are small conversations happening in every directions, and I truly am surrounded by others at all times. Racing games offer a very realistic sound of tires screeching and engines firing, and the Tritton Detonators make it a completely new experience. The 50mm cups really deliver a true-sound experience, and I cannot play without them. The quality of your friends talking into their mics is also fantastic, and the game sound and voice sound filter into the headphones at the right amount, because the headphones have a small adjusting bar that allows you to change the different volumes, mute yourself, and turn on SVM support as well.

If I had to say there was anything I didn’t like about the Detonators, it would probably be that squeezed my head a little too tight, but after about a week they were broken in and fit just fine. That goes for most headphones when you first buy them anyways though, so I don’t really see it as a big deal. Overall, these headphones bring together a fantastic gaming experience while looking great at the same time. Tritton Detonators are a great value, and anyone looking for a great gaming experience should look into picking some up. Head over to Tritton’s website to check out the rest of their collection, and be sure to check back this week for the review of the Primer and Trigger Headsets.


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