Playphone Brings Multi-Player Gaming Cross Platform To Android And iOS

Playphone CEO Ron Czerny talks about Instant Multiplay (photo: Dean Takahashi Venturebeat)

San Jose based Playphone is bringing instant multi player gaming to people with Android and iPhones to play together simultaneously. In an exclusive story published by Venture Beat, Playphone’s CEO Ron Czerny said that you’ll be able to use the Playphone platform to play multi player games across carriers and devices with only a 250 millisecond delay over 3G and 4G networks. That’s fast and significant.

“We consider this a major engineering feat,” Czerny told Venturebeat. “This is just one part of a multiple layered gaming network. It’s not easy to copy. It is like what Yahoo did for web games in 2000 and what Microsoft did for console games with Xbox Live. This new infrastructure is a major event for mobile game developers.”

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Czerny said that his technology will be able to handle flying, shooting and racing games which are often hard to do in multiplayer format across networks because of limited bandwidth.

The new system developed by Playphone is called Instant Multiplay and it’s part of their latest free software development kit (SDK). Playphone is targeting developers who want to bring multi-player games across different platforms. Instant Multiplay currently supports iOS, Android, HTML5, Adobe Air and Unity. They have plans to support Windows Phone 7 as well.

Czerny demonstrated the Instant Multiplay platform to Venture Beat writer Dean Takahashi using a game called Pipe Bomber Max. Takahashi reports that they played over an Android phone and an iPhone and both phones instantly found each other. Takahashi writes;

“With a single button push, each of us joined a multiplayer game, where we had to tap on the screen rapidly to send bombs to the other player. The game play was instantaneous and there were no hiccups. At the time we were playing, 37,000 players were online on PlayPhone’s social network.”

This is amazing technology, if you’re a developer and want to check it out for yourself click here

Source: Venturebeat