Photos Of New Motorola Device Surface

Last week the android internet websites went crazy with reports and photos of the forthcoming Motorola Droid Fighter. Today, the same site that leaked the first photos of the Droid Fighter has released photos of a forthcoming unannounced device.

This device also has similar characteristics to the Motorola Droid Razr and the Droid Razr Maxx. It has the kevlar backing and similar corners. The Droid Razr’s design may be a staple in more of Motorola’s devices that we could see later on this year.

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Phandroid’s Edgar Cervantes points out that the kevlar goes almost to the screen and that there looks to be room for actual buttons on this phone but for some reason or another the Asian website has blocked them out. This mystery device is also sporting an HD camera with flash as well as a large speaker grill on the back.

Droid-Life points out that people are calling it the “Blaze” in forums. That could be an issue with the translation from the word Razr in the Asian sites forums. Samsung just released a phone called the “Blaze” on T-Mobile. While it’s not common practice to use the same phone name for different carriers because of confusion, that can’t be entirely ruled out either.

For more pics jump to the source: Phandroid