Nuance Announces New Travel Integration With Expedia For Dragon Go

Nuance’s signature voice recognition app, Dragon Go, just made it easier to get up and actually go somewhere. Last week Nuance announced a new partnership with premiere travel site Expedia and the Expedia group, to help users find and locate travel easily.

Expedia has joined over 200 other content providers in the Nuance Dragon Go network.  Dragon Go allows users to speak naturally and search for things on the internet via their Android phone or iPhone. Dragon Go features natural voice recognition and understanding that understands not only what the user says but what the user means.

“Old school mobile search is fading. The majority of consumers don’t like blue links, scrolling, or pecking.  Consumers want personal mobile assistant capabilities with unfiltered access to content and knowledge,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.  “With direct access to services like Expedia, consumers can do just about anything from anywhere – even book a last minute trip with just a few spoken words.”

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Dragon Go can process thousands of spoken word phrases when trying to help the user locate something. Some examples of travel integration include:

  • “Available flights from Boston to San Francisco in March,” to instantly see flight schedules and pricing, and the opportunity to buy tickets directly from Expedia.


  • “Find 4-star hotels near me,” when traveling and need to book a room at a hotel closest to your current location on Expedia, and swipe over to the Yelp tab for additional feedback.


  • “What are the best resorts in Cancun?” to see reviews and ratings of the top resorts on Expedia, and see what others have to say with just a quick flick on over to the Twitter tab.

Of course with the deep network of content providers your travel concierge in Dragon Go doesn’t stop with just hotels, trips, and airfares, once you arrive at your destination you can use Dragon Go to find things.

  • “Where can I get the best Italian food in Las Vegas” to get reviews from Yelp as well as book a reservation via OpenTable.


  • ·      “Find sunglasses near me,” and be taken to for a list of local retail shops that sell the shades you want, as well as the ability to purchase sunglasses online.


  • ·      “What is the weather going to be like in Tahoe today?” to get detailed weather forecasts from and other top weather services.


“We’ve combined natural language understanding with a unique design and open access to content to deliver what consumers truly want – a better search experience,” said Vlad Sejnoha, chief technology officer, Nuance. “We’re committed to the continuous enhancement of our natural language technology and the addition of new content providers to make Dragon Go! the go-to mobile concierge.”

If this sounds very familiar to Siri, that’s because although Apple has never admitted it, Nuance has long been rumored to be behind Siri’s voice recognition engine.  Dragon Go is a compliment to Google’s voice actions which come pre-installed and ready to go on every Android device.

Motorola recently pitted Google’s voice actions against Siri in a series of video challenges. Time and time again Google’s voice actions beat out Siri.

When using Dragon Go we’ve found that it’s even more reliable than it’s Google counterpart. Dragon Go with Expedia integration is ready now, at this Android Market link.