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Newark’s West Side High Is Having A Bring A Verizon Employee To Work Day

Verizon Wireless continues to show their commitment to education in their home state of New Jersey this Thursday at Newark’s West Side High School in Newark NJ.

The program, spearheaded by Jersey Cares, is putting 57 Verizon employees who are part of Verizon’s Leadership Development program with 250 students. The Verizon employees will mentor the students on a wide variety of topics including resume building, financial planning and college preparation. They’ll mix their own personal experiences in as well.

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Verizon’s commitment to providing high-quality service is ingrained within the company’s culture, as demonstrated not only commercially but also in its service to the community,” said Brian Dean, executive director of Jersey Cares.  “We are excited to partner with Verizon to enrich the educational experience of the students at West Side High School and provide them with perspectives that reach beyond their everyday lives.”

Verizon is no stranger to community work they’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into community programs with a strong emphasis on education and domestic violence. Verizon is piloting a program using tablets in another New Jersey high school. In Baltimore Maryland Verizon set up a bus to outreach to students and help them with SAT preparation.

Verizon is also a partner through the Verizon Foundation,  with the Thinkinity program that offers lesson plans, ideas and educational games for students of all ages via the website.

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