New Tablet From Casio Brings Android 4.0 To POS Terminals


Electronics manufacturer Casio showed off a, new Android powered tablet at the Retail Technology Expo earlier today. While some may consider using the Retail Technology Expo to be an odd place to show off a new Android tablet, it served Casios purpose well.

The 10.1″ tablet with Android 4.0 on board is actually meant to function as a point of sale terminal (POS). 

Casio executives have suggested the tablet will cost more than comparably spec’d tablets by Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Perhaps it will be more along the lines of the direct to enterprise tablets by Panasonic.

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Casio has said that the tablet called the “Casio VX” will feature NFC capability for those who want to make payments using NFC enabled phones.

The idea behind the tablet is to bring it into retail environments where sales people could use the tablet to show off other products, check stock and availability as well as direct to home fulfillment when a customers exact product isn’t available.

In cases where customers are ready for purchase sales people could use the tablets camera to scan barcodes to ring up orders.

In order to keep up with the hectic hour of a retail store, Casio is, going to offer the VX with a 5,000 or 7,000 mah battery.

Guy Boxall, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Casio told blog recombu , “the possibilities of using an Android platform tablet in an EPOS [electronic point of sale] scenario are almost entirely unexplored. Together with the release of the Casio Business Portal, this is especially exciting for the high street retailer today. As the consumer market has seen with mobile phones, there is huge potential for a greater range of EPOS apps and services to help the retail sector.”

Source: recombu via Phone Arena