Mobiado Introduces Suped Up Samsung Nexus S

The Samsung Nexus S has pretty much been replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It had a short run, by comparison to the original Nexus One, however it was, at one point, a very strong Android phone. In fact it still has decent specs, but unfortunately at the rate at which Android grows, the Samsung Nexus S is a mid-range phone at best now.

That didn’t stop Mobiado from suping it up and turning it into the Mobiado Grand Touch Aston Martin. The Grand Touch Aston Martin is part of a collaborative effort between the cell phone designer and the high end car brand, but as our friends at unwiredreview put it, it’s just a Nexus S in a fancy case.  How fancy though?

The Grand Touch Aston Martin features 139 carats of sapphire crystal, an insert that’s gold mother of pearl, and a CNC machine anodized aluminum body. The buttons are sapphire crystal and the screws are gun metal stainless steel. To top it off the battery cover is one piece of sapphire crystal.

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As for the inside, its the same as the Samsung Nexus S. 4″ display, 480×800 resolution, 5mp camera, Android 2.3.

Mobiado doesn’t say how much this beast costs but you can bet it’s going to be expensive. If you have expensive tastes you can check out a phone that looks expensive but won’t cost nearly as much in the Lumigon T2 that we saw at Mobile World Congress. The specs that count, the ones on the inside, are much better in the T2.

source: Unwired