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March Madness Is Almost Here, You Need Pocket Bracket For Android


College basketball conference championships have wrapped up, that means its time for conference tournaments and then the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  As with anything else there’s an app for that and a really good one at that.

Pocket Brackets, by Pure Concepts of Louisville, has every feature you could imagine if your a pool/bracket guy or girl.

Pocket Bracket let’s you create as many brackets as you’d like. You can bracket whatever conference tournaments you’d like, and then the NCAA tournament. You can also run multiple brackets at the same time. That comes in handy when you have an office pool, neighborhood pool and college buddies pool.

The next big feature is that those in the pool can keep up with your bracket no matter what operating system their phone is on.  To make it even better, once the tournament is rolling Pocket Bracket updates automatically so you don’t get blamed for getting something wrong and you don’t have to stay up until 1am to update your brackets.

So you need this right? .Android Market Link

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