ITC Quickly Rules In Motorola’s Favor In Apple Investigation

Last year Apple had accused Motorola of violating three of their patents in a complaint with the International Trade Commission. The three patents in question covered an “object oriented system locator system”, an “elipse fitting for multi touch surfaces” and “multipoint touchscreen”.

Apple has used the “multipoint touchscreen” patent against several smartphone manufacturers including HTC and Samsung and they’ve also used the “elipse fitting for multi touch surfaces” in their patent fight against Samsung Telecommunications.

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On January 13th an Administrative Law Judge at the ITC made an initial determination that Motorola didn’t violate these three patents of Apples. However that was only a preliminary ruling and the six member panel at the ITC still had to rule on the patents in question.

The commission reported on Friday that they had conducted a partial review of the initial determination and decided on review to affirm the IDC’s initial determination finding no violation. That ends the ITC’s investigation into Motorola violating these three patents.

This was a very quick determination by the ITC. As Florian Mueller at Foss Patents points out the target date for the decision was May 14th, and now it has been decided two months earlier. One look at the ITC’s EDIS database and you’ll understand that they have plenty of other cases, and a lot involving Apple, to sort out.

While the issue is over at the ITC level that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s over completely. Apple can (and most likely will) appeal the ITC’s decision in the federal circuit. In the meantime Motorola can continue to sell any products that are said to be violating the patents.

If Apple should appeal this to the federal circuit, it is more than likely that Google will own Motorola Mobility by the time the case gets to court.

source: Foss Patents