Is The New Google Play Broken On Some Motorola Android Phones?


There’s a lot of chatter on Twitter in regards to the new Google Play and some Motorola Android phones with Motoblur.  Motoblur has a shortcut pre-installed that quickly takes you to the Android Market.

Motorola users with affected phones who have taken the new update to Google Play are under the impression that their access to the Android Market (now the Google Play Store) is broken.

Luckily, our friends at Androidcommunity have found that your access to the Android Market is not broken. You just have to go into your app drawer and find the shortcut to the Android Market (Google Play). If you long press the icon while in the app drawer you should be able to add that icon to your home screen.

Motorola hasn’t said anything about the issue but we are pretty confident it’s an easy fix and we will see an update restoring the Motoblur shortcut.

Source: AndroidCommunity

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