Is Google Muscling Developers To Use Google Wallet For In App Purchases?


If a report released earlier today by Reuters is to be believed Google may be making a play, right out of the Apple playbook.

Thenextweb is reporting this evening, by way of Reuters that Google may be strong arming developers into using the relatively new Google Wallet service for in-app payments. 

It’s important to understand that Google Wallet now encompasses both the NFC based payment service as well as the other financial payment services that once fell under the Google Checkout umbrella.  All developers with apps in the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) have to have a Google Wallet (checkout) account.  Developers with paid apps get their original download payment via Google Wallet.

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Reuters cited the founder of social networking app Papaya as saying that Google said under no uncertain terms that if they used any service besides Google Wallet they would be violating Google’s Term’s of Service.

Currently app developers use a variety of payment solutions like Boku, Paypal, and TapJoy.  Coincidentally, it was a move similar to this, made by Apple last year that prompted TapJoy to focus more on Android.

Thenextweb reports that they’ve asked Google for a statement and have yet to hear back.

Source: Thenextweb

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  1. I thought this was the way it was already.. If the app was purchased in the market, er, Google Play Store, then it is purcahsed with Google Wallet, and any future in-app purchase should go through Google wallet to keep the user experience uniform and prevent people from being redirected to some other outfit that may not have the best of security or standards.. Personally – I think it should work that way.. I dont want to go through 3rd party processors for apps I purchased with confidence on the Google Play Store.

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