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INFOGRAPHIC: Is It An Android Or Is It A Condom

Business Insider just posted a hilarious infographic that pokes fun at some of the Android phone names. With nearly 1,000 different Android devices out there, there was bound to be some category overlap with something. In this case it just happens to be condoms.

SAI reports that this nice little tidbit of information is the brain child of Des Traynor of Intercom.

There are probably a lot more out there then Traynor has even pointed out. If Traynor would have opened it up to all kinds of sex goodies and Android phones than the Nexus Classic black garter may have appeared on the list. Traynor also missed Vivid condoms, which is also the name of an HTC Android phone, as well as Bravo which is the name of a Motorola Android phone, and their long line of beepers.

Source: Business Insider

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