Inconosys Takes On Kony Using Android With Kick Kony’s Ass Android App

Wayne Irving, the CEO of Iconosys, a developer of fine apps for Android, has let his social conscious get the best of him in an amusing app that brings awareness to the tragic situation in Uganda.  Kick Kony’s Ass is a new Android app that according to Iconosys is a:

“supportive attempt to heighten public scrutiny regarding reports of genocide and massive loss of personal freedoms suffered by the people of Uganda and Congo at the hands of Joseph Kony”

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Iconosys goes on to say that while they don’t support violence in any way and the app is a lighthearted way at bringing social awareness to this awful issue their are important factors to consider as reported by the world press, in an announcement this morning Iconosys highlighted:

1)    Kony is a fugitive of the International Criminal Court, and is wanted by this court for war crimes and crimes against humanity;
2)    Kony has been a renegade insurgent to the Ugandan government for more than 2 decades;
3)    Kony and his fighters have killed, maimed and murdered the people of Uganda; and
4)    The US dispatched 100 US troops in October to aid in his capture.

In game play you get to beat the animated Kony figure down. You can throw 1-2 punches, round house kicks and more. You can finally beat him down with a big hand to the face. The more you tap the screen the more punishment you give him. Once he’s down you can brag about it on Facebook furthering awareness of Kony 2012 and the Invisible Children.

Check out a short preview video below:

Get Kick Kony’s Ass here it’s Free