I Can Quit Sends You Supportive Messages To Help You Quit Smoking


A lot of smokers in the world are starting to realize that consumption tobacco products don’t make for the healthiest lifestyle. Of course, saying it is really easy, but trying to quit smoking is one of the hardest things that anyone can do. There are plenty of methods out there for those looking for some extra help in this task, but your smartphone can give you some help too.

I Can Quit is an app that was developed specifically to motivate and support people who are trying to quit smoking. Now obviously your phone can’t quit smoking for you, but receiving a supportive message can really make a difference to someone who is trying to break the habit. The way I Can Quit does this is by allowing a user to input specific cell phone numbers into the app and select an interval for messages to be sent. Whatever interval is chosen, the app will send out supportive messages at those specific times. This means if you have an inclination to smoke at specific times every day, you can have your phone send you reminders to support your decisions in trying to quit. I Can Quit is a free app in the Play Store, and anyone looking for some extra support should look into using it. If you have used this app before, let us know in the comments if it helped you quit smoking. Be sure to check back with TheDroidGuy for more news and reviews, and have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

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