HTC’s Brand New One X Rooted Before You Can Buy It

Android hacker Paul O’Brien has already rooted with Modaco SuperBoot. O’Brien was able to use his superboot method. According to Jerry Hildebrand over at Android Central, any One X that has S-Off should be able to use this method. Also, once HTC adds the unlocker tool for the One X to the HTC Dev site this method should work as well.

As long as HTC adds the One X to the HTCDev bootloader tools on their website at launch this is a very easy method that works.

O’Brien reportedly used an HTC One X with S-Off which of course won’t be available to the public. The HTC One X that’s coming tot he US is also the one with the Qualcomm chip and not the Tegra 3 chip. AT&T and HTC may not be too keen on unlocking the bootloader immediately at launch. ¬†HTC has supported unlocked bootloaders on all of their phones released in 2011 however it was never immediately at launch.

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