HTC Begins To Rebound In February

HTC (formerly High Tech Computer Corporation) has been around since 1997. When they first came into existence they were a contract manufacturer producing phones and devices for larger companies and other the other company’s name. For instance, their first devices were Compaq Ipaq’s back in the early part of the 2000s.

HTC skyrocketed into a top tier Android manufacturer starting in 2007 when they private labeled the HTC G1 for Google, MyTouch for T-Mobile and then the Google Nexus One. HTC seemed to produce hit after hit like the Desire, Evo, and Incredible.

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In 2011 the company admitted to becoming complacent. By their own admission they were pulling for quantity over quality, a plan that HTC’s CEO Peter Chou says they will NOT repeat in 2012.

Even HTC’s custom UI, HTC Sense seemed to suffer in 2011. HTC’s on product head Kouji Kodera admitted there UI had become too bloated, something they fixed with the introduction of Sense 4.0. While most Android fans don’t like custom UI’s or Skins, HTC’s Sense is always considered the best alternative UI to “vanilla” Android.

All of these things affected HTC’s bottom line. While the tech world was looking for the Taiwan based manufacturer to continue shattering forecasts and records, they actually had to change their guidance and didn’t hit their mark in Q4 2011.

That seems to be changing as HTC has reported a 22.76% increase in February compared to the previous month. Overall HTC revenue is down 36.79% from last year.  HTC says they expect both their gross and operating margins to recover to the levels seen in the first part of 2011.

While February is a big step in the right direction, HTC may not see a big push until Q2 as their new “One Series” Android phones won’t start arriving in stores until Q2 2012.

source: HTC via Phonearena