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Have A Barnes & Noble Nookseller Re-Allocate Your Nook Tablet Memory

Barnes & Noble introduced their follow up to the Nook Color late last year. When they did, they offered their new color Nook Tablet in a 16gb version. While that is twice the memory of the 8gb Kindle Fire offered by competitor Amaozn, there was a slight problem.  Barnes and Noble had allocated 1gb of memory storage for your personal content and the other 15gb were reserved for Barnes & Noble content.

While the Barnes & Noble Nook tablet is a content playing device, you would assume that the bulk of the content would be e-books being that Barnes and Noble is in the book business. Do you realize how many e-books one could fit on 15gb… neither can I.

Barnes and Noble was hoping that their Nook Tablet users would also use their proprietary store to purchase music, and movies, which of course can rack up your space real quick.

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Well after the Amazon Kindle fire came charging out of the gate, Barnes & Noble made a few changes. The first thin they did was offer a new 8gb version priced to go head on with the Amazon Kindle Fire. On the 8gb version 4gb are reserved for B&N while the other 4 go to the user.

The other thing they’ve done, is starting today, if you have a 16gb Nook tablet and wish to have more memory allocated to your Nook for your own use you can. Just head into one of Barnes & Nobles 700 stores. There you will find a Barnes & Noble Nook seller that will gladly re-allocate that memory for you.

The new allocation will leave you with 8gb of personal storage space and 5.5 going to Barnes & Noble. The remaining 2.5gb are reserved for operating the Nook tablet.

Source: CNet

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