Google To Sell Subsidized Nexus Tablets Via Online Webstore

If you’re a long time Android enthusiast than this bit of news may seem like de ja vu to you.  The Wall Street Journal confirmed on Thursday a rumor that had spreading through the Androidsphere.  The Journal reported that Google will be selling the “Nexus” tablet direct to consumers via an online web store.

If you remember back to the Nexus One and the problems that ensued after that, you may be asking yourself why is Google going to do such a thing?

Well apparently the coffers at Google have decided that they will be able to subsidize the purchase of the tablets with future purchases from the Google Play online store. They plan to debut the tablets made by Asus and posisbly Samsung, and sold under the “Google” or “Nexus” name for around $200.

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With that in mind there is no doubt in our minds who the target is. They are directly going after Amazon and the Kindle Fire. Perhaps Google was caught off guard by the success of the original Kindle Fire which runs on a customized version of Android and only allows purchases from the Amazon app store (without any rooting).

In effect what Amazon has done is taken Google’s free Android OS and pretty much cut Google out of any chance except for advertising to make money off the millions of Kindle Fires sold. To date, the Kindle Fire has sold more than any other Android tablet, which may also be of concern to Google.

Google seems to feel that by selling their own “nexus” tablet and repositioning the entire Android Market experience, with Google’s other content offerings as “Google Play” they will be able to generate more users and of course more profit.

source: Phandroid