Google Files Patent To Serve Ads Based On Phone Background Noise And Environment

Google has filed one of their strangest patents yet. If most are to interpret the patent filing the same way, it looks as if Google is going to eavesdrop on the background noise and environmental conditions of your phone to serve you more targeted ads.

We’re very unclear as to how this technology will actually work however the humorous things you could do with technology are endless. Imagine the ads you would get if you had your phone next to a very loud porno movie?¬† What about the lions den at a local zoo?

Not only does the patent suggest eavesdropping by listening but it could take into consideration other things like air quality and temperature. Who knows what kind of ad smoking a cigarette in 20 degree weather would yield.

Google could sell advertising to advertisers based on some of these new factors. Imagine what an air conditioning company would pay to have an advertisement delivered when a phone hits a certain temperature.

Google has recently come under fire for their privacy policies however this crazy patent takes things to a whole new level.

source: dailymail

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