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Google Dumps Android Market For Google Play

Google has decided to rebrand the Android Market to “Google Play”.  The Android Market has been around as the official source for Android apps, since the introduction of the G1 Android phone. It seems that Google is attempting to break away from their entire media offerings being branded as “android”.

Moving away from the words “Android Market” gives Google’s media hub offerings a more broader appeal. Although the Android Market was around long before the Windows Market Place, Windows 8 is heating up right now and dropping the word Market will help eliminate any confusion.

Google’s rebranding effort started earlier today. From this point forward; Google Music, Google Movies, Google Books and Android Apps will all fall under the new “Google Play” heading. The Android Market website has already been re-branded to reflect the change.

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Nothing will change as far as the services offered, just the way they are presented. Perhaps Google thought “Google Play” was more fun. We like fun.  Google stumped Android and Google enthusiasts when rumors of Google Play started circulating. Some thought Google Play, was the name of a new Google produced tablet while others thought it was some sort of new social gaming platform. Shocker, it’s the new Android Market.

Currently, all of Google’s Google Play services are except for Android apps, are officially available online through any browser. This could be another factor behind the change. Everyone is accustomed to GMail which is of course not dependent on an Android phone. Google may want to drive home the idea that you can rent movies, music and purchase e-books from Google without the need for an Android phone.

Also as I hinted above, they could bring the Chrome apps under the same umbrella and make one centralized location for all things Google, that aren’t based on productivity.

Whatever the reason, Google Play will take some getting used to, as we’ve been writing “click here for an Android Market” link for three years.

Google Play can be accessed via the original market link at or at

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