Google Applies For Patent For Landmark Identification Via Photo

Google has had an idea that seems almost like a no brainer the way technology has been moving these days.¬† In a new Google patent filing they are seeking to patent a system that allows you to take a photo of something with your smartphone. Once the photo is snapped Google’s servers will analyze it and tell you what the building is and the address of the building. It’s perfect for when you get lost.

The picture submitted with the patent also shows an example where you can upload a photo of a landmark, and Google will return flight information, hotel information and other pertinent information. It’s essentially like Google Goggles for GPS and landmarks.

Engadget suggests that this patent may also apply to the new Google glasses technology we expect to be shown off at Google IO later this year. That would make us think that Google may have real time, very quick scanning and matching. Essentially if it’s for Google glasses, you may never get lost again.

source: Engadget via Phonearena