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Galaxy Note, Big Enough For The Elephants

It’s no secret that the Galaxy Note has a massive screen, if you’re looking at it from the phone side. I actually love the device and think it’s the perfect size for productivity, but I’m not everyone. You can tell which tech blogs actually spent time with it and which ones just chalked it up as a massive phone and moved on.

Well Technivator has now released a video to show just how big the Galaxy Note is. It’s the perfect size for an elephant. The video above shows Peter the elephant (no relation to Pete’s dragon, oh never mind). He plays the xylophone on the note and swipes between screens.

More after the break including proof that this is real

If you’ve ever been to the circus you probably know that despite their gigantic size, and the rumors that they have teeny tiny little brains, they are actually very trainable creatures.

So when you watch the first video you’re going to walk away thinking it’s staged and perhaps those are hand puppets in some of the shots. The video below actually shows some behind the scenes footage and yes Peter is really using the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Source: Phandroid

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